Information about Thriving Autistic


Neurodivergent Practitioner Community

This community is hosted by Thriving Autistic, an autistic-led non-profit social enterprise.

Whether you have just discovered you are autistic, are wondering if you might be, or have known for a while; if you've landed here looking for a supportive professional to chat to - someone who really "gets it" - you're in the right place!

Our new online platform provides a space for neurodivergent practitioners from around the globe to advertise their services. Each coach, counsellor, therapist and psychologist who is listed on our platform has provided us with a copy of their qualification, insurance and membership of a professional body so you can be assured each of the professionals listed here have been verified by us at Thriving Autistic.

Each practitioner has agreed to the following commitment to practice:

Neuro-affirmative Commitment to Practice

All practitioners listed on this site commit to follow, to the very best of our ability, these signposts of a respectful practitioner inspired by the Therapist Neurodiversity Collective International:

  • We presume competence
  • We offer alternative & augmentative communication methods
  • We advocate for self-determination
  • We advocate for inclusion
  • We facilitate self-advocacy skills
  • We do not support ABA practice or any methodologies that teach compliance
  • We take a strengths-based approach
  • We respect each clients autonomy
  • We respectfully appreciate intersectionality in both ourselves and our clients & work to unpack any privilege we may have
  • We are committed to racial equity
  • We are LGBTQIA+ affirmative
  • We actively seek out CPD, research and learnings from neurodivergent adults
  • We use identity-first language while respecting individual clients preferences

This service has been provided free of charge to support the community to connect with each other. You can link with a professional and ask questions about their services, or book a session with them (most also offer an initial free consult) directly from this site.

If you are a practitioner and would like to join the community, click here to find out more: Practitioner Registration