Drama Therapy with Dana

Drama Therapy with Dana
Drama Therapy

Meet Dana

Hello! My name is Dana. I am autistic and ADHD.

I have lived experience of discovering my autistic traits later in life. Autistic adults often develop complex masking techniques to survive. When you’re used to hiding your autistic traits, it can feel impossible to figure out how to begin living as your authentic self!

I understand that receiving a diagnosis can be overwhelming for so many reasons, even if it affirms your lived experience. There are still layers of cultural and social stigma to navigate. I am here to understand your unique needs and concerns during this critical time.

I am also queer and non-binary, and I understand what it is to feel “different” your whole life, but not understand why. Sometimes having a label for your experience can be a relief. It creates an opportunity to connect to a larger community of like-minded individuals.

I have found the autistic community to be so welcoming and supportive. So, I want to say, congratulations and welcome! You are not alone.

I am a drama therapist, which means my experience with theatre informs how I think about what it means to be human, and what suggestions I offer to help you cope. Drama therapy emphasizes paying attention to the emotions and sensations that you experience in your body.

I know you cannot create a plan until your nervous system is calm, and you feel safe. Autistic people are more likely to experience overwhelm, so we can brainstorm ways to get more in touch with what your body is trying to communicate to you.

I have a wide range of professional experience – from working with people in a crisis all the way to coaching people who want to gain new skills or change their habits. No issue is too big or too small. If it is impacting you, you deserve support!

I can help you identify goals and break them into smaller steps, to create a plan that feels doable. While we cannot solve all your problems within a 1-hr session, I can help you gain confidence and understand your strengths. We will uncover a clearer picture of where you want to end up, and you can leave with at least a couple new things to try.

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