Therapeutic Coaching with Teri

Therapeutic Coaching with Teri
Therapeutic Coaching

About Teri

Hi, I’m Teri

I’m from Denmark but am currently living in Scotland – though I do like moving around!

I’m a psychologist, counsellor and coach and working with me means working in an integrative way where I pull on all of these methods, while also trying to tailor a session after your needs and wants as much as I can.

I found out I was autistic when I was 35. My first client in my private practice was autistic and I thought I’d better go and study this ‘weird’ condition I’d heard lots of bad things about but yet hadn’t been taught anything about in my bachelors in psychology and hadn’t been told how to work with during my 3 years of studying counselling!

And what I discovered was all the answers to all the bits of myself I hadn’t been able to make sense of my whole life until that point – turned out autism isn’t weird or bad but a highly misunderstood diagnosis.

I went on to do a Masters in psychology focussing on autism and my dissertation was about the consequences for women receiving a late diagnosis.

Working with me means we’ll be meeting over zoom for 60 minutes. In my video I talk about what you can expect from working with me. I do not sit with all – or any – of the answers but I’d certainly be happy to support you to walk through your thinking about it all, your journey so far and next steps and challenges for you going forward. There’s only so much we can manage to explore in one hour but this post-diagnosis session can be a good starting point to get clarity on what’s next for you.

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