Life, Parent & Education Coaching with Claire

Life, Parent & Education Coaching with Claire
Education Coaching, Life coaching, Parent Coaching

About Claire

Hi, my name is Claire and I’m truly delighted to be associated with Thriving Autistic. As a coach with Thriving Autistic, I aim to work in partnership with individuals to help them use their unique strengths and interests to reach their full potential.

My background is in education and I have over twenty years’ experience and extensive training supporting neurodivergent students and their families.

I have a passion for promoting health and wellbeing and have a wide range of experience and training in mindfulness, positive psychology and coaching in one-to-one, workshops, and larger group settings.

As an autistic individual and parent to two autistic children, my interest in neurodivergence is both professional and personal.

It is a privilege to explore the different ways that neurodivergent individuals flourish. No individual’s journey is the same and this is one of the many things I love about the coaching process.

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