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We’re glad you’re here and so happy to welcome you to the Autistic community! We are a community of people with many different beliefs and backgrounds, strengths and challenges who share a common neurology.

You have landed on this page because you have completed your assessment with the Adult Autism Practice and you have been referred to us for support.

You’ve likely spent most of your life up till now knowing that you were different, perhaps trying to fit in, or being hard on yourself for the challenges you faced. Now that you know you are Autistic you’re probably wondering, what happens now? What do you do with that information?

Well, we are here to help!

We’re a non-profit organization, led by an Autistic psychologist, that supports Autistic adults and families. We are delighted to be among the first to welcome you to the community! Read on to find out how we can help.

Here is what we can offer you:

Post-Assessment Support

Funded by the Adult Autism Practice

The Adult Autism Practice will fund a one-to-one session for you with one of our specialist practitioners. Our founder has worked with the Adult Autism Practice since its inception, consulting to help ensure the diagnostic process is as collaborative, respectful and empowering as possible for you. We know the value of post-assessment support, and the team at Adult Autism is committed to providing you with the tools you need to move forward after the assessment. That is why they have committed to fund your session with us. All of our post-assessment support practitioners are themselves Autistic or otherwise Neurodivergent. Find out more about the support session and how to choose a practitioner below

About the Post-Identification Support Session

The session is a one-hour meeting with one of our practitioners.

You will be able to discuss your feelings about the process you have been through, discuss your feelings about being Autistic and what this new information means for you, or find support on managing workplace or education adjustments.

Here are some of the common areas people like to focus on in post-identification support:

  • Reasonable accommodations in the workplace/university
  • Managing burnout
  • Unmasking/ how to stop camouflaging
  • Disclosing your diagnosis
  • Applying for disability support
  • Processing your diagnosis
  • Understanding your sensory preferences/needs
  • Understanding your neurotype more clearly
  • Connecting with the wider Autistic community
  • Reducing overwhelm
  • Managing relationships

Choosing a practitioner

Please read the following frequently asked questions before choosing your practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have questions, you’re not alone! Read on to see some of most common questions:

I don’t know what I want to focus on for my support session. There are so many things I want to discuss. How do I decide?

– It’s important to know that within a single one-hour session you will be able to cover some areas that are important to you, but if you have lots of things that you want to discuss, it may be worth either choosing the thing you find yourself thinking about most of the time right now, or consider booking a series of sessions to discuss everything and get more comprehensive support.

I don’t know who to choose for my support session. How do I decide?

We understand. Lots of people find it difficult to choose. If you would like us to assign someone to you, simply email us and let us know!

I want to work with someone long-term. How do I know if they have availability?

Each of our practitioners manages their own diary, so we are not always aware of their availability. Please get in touch with them directly to check if they have availability for ongoing support before your post-assessment support session. We also host a much larger directory of Neurodivergent professionals that may have availability for ongoing support.

You can search our wider directory by clicking here.

If you still have questions, please email us at hello@thrivingautistic.org – we will be happy to help!

Some other services we offer:

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