Occupational Therapy with Nic

Occupational Therapy with Nic
Occupational Therapy

About Nic

Hi, I’m Nic and I’m a UK based, HCPC registered occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience. I am also a registered professional member of The Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

As an occupational therapist, I can help you explore the areas of your life that you find challenging and support you in how to improve them.

We can look at the activities (‘occupations’) that you have to do (for example work, study, family commitments) and those that you want to do (pursue interests, hobbies, socialising…) and see where your strengths lie and also what adaptations could be made to make those activities/tasks and the environment more suited to you.

We can look at your own, unique sensory processing profile, making suggestions on how best to adapt the environment and recognise the changes you need, to best support you, how to communicate this & request them from other people (family, employer, colleagues, tutors…)

I can also help support you in explaining any challenges you have in informing others about being autistic/neurodivergent and to boost your confidence and ability in advocating for yourself.

There is a lot of misinformation around neurodiversity and being neurodivergent, which can make it difficult for others to understand.

I can provide post autism diagnosis support for adults and/or parents of autistic children, who have just received a diagnosis. This support is also for people who identify as autistic or think their child(ren) might be but do not have a formal diagnosis. I can work with you to explore any thoughts you have on this.

My sessions will be led by what you feel is important and I am very happy to conduct them in any form that’s most comfortable for you. This could be video call, email, text, phonecall. You don’t have to have your camera on, and if you do, you are free to move around and be yourself.

It will be a very relaxed session, no judgements made and we can be as focussed or as varied on subjects as you like.

I use the combination of my occupational therapy skills and lived experience of being neurodivergent/ADHD, along with having 2 autistic children and a husband, to help others.

I look forward to meeting and supporting people on their journey.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, please try to let me know no later than 48 hours prior to your appointment, so I have enough time to fill the place. Otherwise, I will have to charge for the full session. Thank you

Offers a free consult: Yes

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